ezeep is a service designed to minimize your burden with printing and print management in your organization. Signing up for a free trial is easy!

1. Navigate to https://www.ezeep.com/ and click "Try For Free" at the top of the page:

Screenshot: ezeep front page with trial account button

2. Click "Get Started Now" at the bottom left of the page

screenshot-start ezeep trial

3. Enter your email to create your ezeep account:

Screenshot: enter your email

4. You'll receive an email verifying your email address, just click "Confirm Email Address"

Screenshot: verify your email

5. Fill out the form, and click "Create Account":

Screenshot: fill out the contact form

5. You'll be redirected to your portal, where you can configure your account and start printing!

Screenshot: your new ezeep web portal

Once you've signed up, check out our guide on setting up your account for the first time!