You have already signed up for your account and set your password. The ezeep connector has been installed on your Windows PC and your printer information has been uploaded to the cloud. You are almost ready to invite your users to have access to your printers.

The following steps explain how you will create groups for your users to be in so that you can couple the groups and the printers together in your policies. This allows the user to see and use the printers when they log in.


Let’s sign in.

screenshot: sign in to ezeep

Go to your Printers tab on the left. You should see your printers listed her and they should be green meaning that they are connected.

screenshot: see the ezeep printers in your account

Let’s go up to the Users & Groups tab on the left menu

And then select the Groups sub tab and Add or Create your first Group

screenshot: add a group in ezeep

Rename your group to whatever you’d like. I am renaming my group to “First Group”

screenshot: name a new group

Now let’s go to the Policies Tab and Create your first Policy

screenshot: create your first policy

Rename your Policy

screenshot: rename an ezeep policy

I renamed my Policy to “Open Space”. You can name it whatever you’d like.

screenshot: rename ezeep policy

In each Policy,  you can select all or just some of your groups. I only have one, so I select it.

screenshot: choose user group for your policy

Then go to the Printers sub tab in the Policy. Here you can select all printers or just the one(s) that you are giving the earlier selected Group(s) access to.

screenshot: choose printers for your policy

Then go to the Settings sub tab in the Policy.  There are a few settings to choose from.

You could have all printing set to be FREE and, in that case, you are done.

If you would like to charge for printing, then there are 2 options. You can set a few pages free per Day, week or Month and then select how much the user will pay-per-page after that.

screenshot: configure free print quota in a policy

I have chosen to give 20 free printed pages per month for free and then charge $.25 per page after that.

screenshot: configure per page price after quota is exceeded

The second option is to not give any free pages and just charge for all pages printed by your user

screenshot: configure a per page price in a policy

The sub tab called Pull Printing is for other options for secure printing and we will look at that more closely in a different support article.

For now, your Policy is done.

screenshot: see your policies in your ezeep account

The next thing is to add your users in the Users & Groups tab on the left. Select Add People and input the user’s email address.

When you click add, our service will send the user an email inviting them to use ezeep in your space. They will be able to set their own password so that they, and your account, stays secure.

screenshot: invite new user by email address

Finally, make sure that your users email has a group set for it. That is how the user’s email is put into its Group and the Printer, in turn, is given access to them through the Policy that you have just set.

screenshot: assign a group to an ezeep user


Happy Printing!