ezeep – for now – requires a Windows based computer to provide information about printers to your ezeep organization and receive print jobs from your users.

We are asked frequently what kind of computer should be used to run the ezeep Connector. Therefore, we decided to assemble a brief list of the specs we would feel comfortable with for running our own ezeep print environment. Keep in mind that in organizations with lots of printing, you might need to up the specs a bit for fast printing.

Level: “It will print”Level: “Peace of mind”
Operating SystemWindows 7Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012 R2 and above
RAM4 GByte8 GByte
Disk10 GByte free space10 GByte free on an SSD
NetworkEthernet, Wifi often provides less stellar connectivity but it would workEthernet
ProcessorX86 or x64 processors except Celeron familyIntel i3 or equivalent and higher

We are working hard on getting rid of the Windows requirement for the ezeep Connector. If you would like to hear about the ezeep Connector appliance, drop us a line here: hello@ezeep.com.