In times of decentralization of the working world in form of an increasing number of home office or remote working options, cloud services are becoming more an utilized option. Despite the growing interest, there are still some doubts about the security of cloud-based solutions.

With the help of this article, we at ezeep would like to clear up your worries about our cloud-based printing solution and thus make it easier for you to make a start into the future of working.

ezeep's Data Security

As a certified member of the Privacy Shield initiative between the United States and the European Union ezeep is committed to protecting our user's information.
All client-server communication relies on TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption, this means your data is always encrypted uniquely for every connection.

All end users have a unique ID with their email address and an individualized Passwords. Also, the use of Single Sign-on via SAML or LDAP is a possible way to make the authentication progress even more safe. 

From running server instances over database Services and data store to monitoring with CloudWatch and CloudFront for web content, Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps us provide you with the great ezeep solution. Connected to this are also the AWS securities, which take place additionally.

Print Job security

Be it the connection from the end-user via web portal, ezeep client or the connection between the Connector PC that connects your printers to the ezeep cloud - all are encrypted.

In other words: All files sent to our server are sent over an encrypted connection. As soon as the print job has finished, it is deleted immediately from our server. Nobody, not even someone in our offices can access or see files printed via ezeep's cloud. All the files are sent over https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), which means the communication is encoded from an end user's device to the server, and from the server to the client.

Secure printing feature Print Later & Pull Printing

ezeep's Print Later pull printing feature protects confidential documents which need to be printed on shared-printers. Secure printing with Print Later ensures that your printout doesn't start until you're able to pick up your document personally at the printer.

Once you select Print Later, your confidential document is moved to a secure print queue in the cloud for up to 24 hours. You will be reminded via e-mail that a document is waiting to be printed. When you are ready to print, i.e. directly at the printer, you can start printing either from your mobile ezeep app, from the Print Later reminder mail or ezeep's device-independent release portal

With all these security standards, we at ezeep take care that your data is always secure at every point of our cloud printing solution. So that you can print not only with ease but even securely.

Don't worry, print happy!