In your ezeep admin portal printer page, you will see a list of your printers. If the printer shows a green circle, it means the printer is online and connected to ezeep. If it shows a gray square, it means the printer is currently offline. This can mean several things:

1. The printer itself is offline and not reachable from the connector PC. Check that the printer is on, connected to the network, and not in a sleep mode.

2. The ezeep connector is not running. Try rebooting the connector PC and also check that it's up to date. Check the connector PC for the little hummingbird icon in the system tray:

screenshot: ezeep icon in system tray

This icon appears when the ezeep connector app is running. If you have enabled the background service for the connector, you can also check services.msc for the ezeep service, check that it is installed and running:

screenshot: services.msc window showing ezeep service

If the printer is online and the connector app or service are running, your printers should show as online in your web portal. You can also check your deleted printers view to make sure that the online printer was not mistakenly deleted. This is at the bottom of your printers page, under "reconnect a deleted printer to ezeep":

screenshot: deleted printers view