When you send a print job via ezeep, your web portal history page will show the status of the print job. When ezeep is done processing the print job, you'll see a success message for that print job:

screenshot: ezeep print job status

However, sometimes you may notice that while you received this success message, nothing has actually printed. This is usually due to something about how the print job was handled by the Windows print subsystem after the print job was downloaded by the ezeep connector. There are a few things that you can check to solve these issues:

1. Make sure that Windows on the connector PC is fully updated. Sometimes, pending updates can have dependencies required by the print subsystem and if they are missing it could cause issues.

2. Reboot the PC - if the PC has not been rebooted in a long time, some Windows services may be experiencing issues.

3. Try using a different driver for the printer. Some drivers may not process data properly, and thus a different driver may need to be used. Also, try using a model specific driver instead of a generic or universal driver.

4. Check printer preferences - Some printers may return errors if something about the document printed does not match the settings of the driver. This is most commonly seen in paper mismatches. For example, the ezeep job may have been configured to print on A4, but the driver could be set to Letter size paper. Make sure the driver paper settings match what you have configured in ezeep.

5. Check the printer itself - Often a printer will display an error instead of printing a document, it could warn you of a low toner or ink situation, or a paper jam.