Satellite Deskworks is a coworking management platform that allows you to successfully manage any number of members at multiple locations. ezeep integrates with Satellite Deskworks to provide easy, hassle-free tracking of your members' printing activity.

To integrate your ezeep account, first open a ticket with Satellite Deskworks through your portal and request the ezeep integration. They will contact you when the integration is active.

  • Within your Satellite Deskworks portal, go to SETUP > INTEGRATIONS SETUP.
  • In the ezeep INTEGRATION section, enter the Username and Password for your ezeep admin account.
  • Enter the Default Group that you want people to be assigned to. You can change this later for individuals under the Member Profile

screenshot: setup Satellite Deskworks integration with ezeep

Next, go to SETUP > PRINTER HISTORY MAPPING to map the ezeep Usage Report to Deskworks’ fields. This will allow you to use the One-Click Posting of printer charges to each person’s account directly in Deskworks. 

You can add multiple Printer Profiles: one for each printer you have and one for ezeep.

Click NEW IMPORT PROFILE and add a profile for ezeep as follows: 

  • Name: Add the name you want to use for the ezeep profile. 
  • Printer Formatting Type: Select ezeep 
  • B&W Count Column Header: 
  • Full Color Count Column Header: Color  

screenshot: Configure ezeep integration

Go to your ezeep Dashboard and download the printer charges for the desired month.

  • Select the appropriate month
  • Select and save the report “Download users csv”

screenshot: download print report from ezeep dashboard


  • From the dropdown, select ezeep.
  • Click IMPORT FROM CSV and select the desired report.
  • You will see the file under PRINTER USAGE. Click EDIT (the pencil) and check the report.
  • If you have any errors, correct the .csv and upload again.
  • When you are satisfied with the report, click POST CHARGES, and all charges will be posted to your members’ accounts.

screenshot: import csv report into Satellite Deskworks