The integration of ezeep with andcards is very easy. Adding a print solution to andcards, a member-first coworking software, is exactly the type of service that helps the coworking tenant to have a better experience.  You can find more information about andcards coworking software at

Configuring andcards 

First, login to “My Workspaces”

screenshot: andcards My Workspaces



Click on the “Settings” option and you will see the integrations. Select the ezeep tile.

screenshot: andcards integrations



Add your ezeep admin credentials and click on Connect.

screenshot: andcards ezeep integration


The administrator of the andcards will be able to connect or disconnect the ezeep service just with a simple touch of a button in the same area.


screenshot: andcards ezeep integration status

After completing this step, you can access your “Community” tab to see the members that you have under your organization. All of your Community members will be added into your ezeep account. Make sure that you pick an ezeep user package that includes all your members for the ability to print.

screenshot: andcards Community list




screenshot: andcards community create




Under your “team” tab when you select ezeep you will see all the team members attached to your ezeep organization.

screenshot: andcards ezeep team members



The administrator will be able to invite more members from andcards to the ezeep service just by selecting them (team members) and clicking on save.

screenshot: andcards selecting team members


After you add the user in your andcards, the user will receive a notification to access the andcards service and ezeep to setup the account.

screenshot: ezeep invitation email



When the user receives this invite, they need to setup the password for andcards and for the ezeep account.

screenshot: andcards welcome email

After inviting the user, it is very important that the administrator accesses the ezeep admin account and attach the new users to a group. The user must be in a group, that group should already be included in a Policy that allows the customer to have access to the printer(s).

Configuring your ezeep account


1. First, create a group:

screenshot: ezeep Add Group


2. Access your policies tab, create a policy, and select your group:

screenshot: ezeep add group to policy


3. Select the printer(s) that you want to share to the group:

screenshot: add printers to policy

4.Access your users tab and check that your new user(s) are attach to a group:

screenshot: ezeep user list


This will allow all the users, that you selected in andcards, to print with the ezeep service to the printers that you are allowing them to use.