1. Run the file “installEzAdsync.bat” to install the AD Sync Windows service. You can download from here: 



screenshot: install file

2. You will see a command prompt with installation status and notification when the service was successfully installed.

screenshot: installation completed




3. Open Task Manager to verify the ezADsync service is running.

screenshot: verify ezADsync service in Services


4. Verify that the users you want to import are in the correct OU within your Active Directory.

screenshot: Active Directory Users and Computers


5. Run “ezADsync.exe”, and you will be asked to log into your ezeep account.

screenshot: log in to the ezADsync tool



6. Select the OU that contains the user accounts you want to import into ezeep.

screenshot: configure sync filters for AD users




7. Configure the sync interval, this is how often the service will sync your AD users with your ezeep account. You can also specify a filepath to write a log.

screenshot: configure frequency and logging

8. Click “Save and Sync”, and if the sync was successful you will receive confirmation that the configuration was saved and the service was restarted.

screenshot: save configuration and start syncing



9. Now, you can log into your ezeep Admin Portal and confirm that your AD users were successfully imported to ezeep.

screenshot: ezeep user list