This will allow you to release your Personal Printing queue jobs using an RFID card or fob and an ezeep Release Station 

To order your release station please navigate to: 


1. Creating and configuring a Policy for Pull Printing:

  1. Name your Policy (example: Pull Printing)
  2. Select the User Groups tab and select the groups you want to include in this Pull Printing policy.
  3. Select the Printers tab and select the printer(s) that you want to include.
  4. Select Settings and choose your Color Settings and pricing like in all your Policies.screenshot: Pull Printing policy 
  5. Select the Pull Printing tab then the Release by Card button.screenshot: Pull Printing policy configured for Release by Card


2. Configure Printer IDs and Password for Your Printers

After the Pull Printing policy is created, a Personal Printer queue will show up under the Printers tab. This will be the only printer queue users will see unless other policies without Pull Printing apply as well. 

1. Go to the Printers tab, select the Personal Printer queue and configure the paper formats as needed. 

2. Click on the pink PERSONAL PRINTING SETTINGS button. This will flip the settings options for your printers, and you can enter Printer IDs and Printer Passwords for each printer. Each printer that is part of Pull Printing must have a 4 to 8 digit numeric ID and a numeric password. You will use the same information when configuring the ThinPrint Release Station below. 

screenshot: ezeep printers and printer IDs


Configuring the Release Station:

The Release Station consists of two pieces of hardware: the RFID card reader and the ThinPrint Hub. The card reader should be placed near the printer on which you want the jobs to be released. The ThinPrint Hub can be hidden behind the printer.


1. Connect the Card Reader to the ThinPrint Hub
2. Connect the ThinPrint Hub to the network via the Ethernet port on its back side.

3. Plug in the power cable to the ThinPrint Hub. When everything is set up correctly, the card reader will display a solid green light. The ThinPrint Hub will display a solid red light on the front.
4. Download the ThinPrint Hub Finder from and start it on a Windows PC, or server, that is in the same network as the Release Station.
5. The ThinPrint Hub Finder will display all ThinPrint Hubs on the network. Click on the ThinPrint Hub URL to open its configuration pages.
6. On the login page, enter the default password (print4life). You will see several options on the left menu.

7. The first option is to pick which printer you will be releasing to from this release station. Select the printer from the printer list.

screenshot: Printer List on the Release Station

7. Select Personal Printing from the left and configure as follows.

a. Server URL: https://<Organization Code> (example: if your organization code is "midtown" the Server URL will be:, contact us to get your organization code at

b. Validate certificate: unchecked

c. Default user password: printer password you chose for this printer in the ezeep portal

d. Jobs to be Printed: All Available

screenshot: Personal Printing configuration on the Release Station

e. In the Card Reader Configuration section select 1 card reader (if you need several card  readers on one ThinPrint Hub, contact us at

f. Personal Printer ID: the Printer ID you chose for this printer in your ezeep admin portal.

Note: Do not press the "test connection" button, you will receive an error. This feature is not related to the ezeep Release Station functionality.

screenshot: Card Reader configuration on the Release Station

After the configuration is completed, test it by swiping an RFID card against the card reader. You should hear a beep and see 2 red lights blink on the card reader followed by a solid green.

photo: holding an RFID card over a reader