The Release Station

The Release Station can experience issues, like with any hardware, but should not be recurrent. The Pull Printing service has a very important link with the Release Station and after it has its correct configuration should allow print jobs to be released to the printer. When this is not happening you can narrow down the troubleshooting with the below guide.

Questions that the administrator may receive from a user.


 “I swipe my card but nothing happens”

Has this user been invited into your ezeep account?

Has the user been added to the correct Group?

Have you created a Policy to release print jobs by Card? In the Policies option in the left column of the Admin portal, confirm that the policy has the "Release by Card" button selected under the PULL PRINTING tab.

Confirm that the user configured their RFID card to the Release Station. Did they receive the printout with the code on the page to configure their card to their account?


Is this happening to just one user or is everyone affected? The Release Station may need to be rebooted.

“My print job is stuck on To Be Sent in the ezeep history”

This can be a problem of communication from the Connector machine to the printer or a problem on the Release Station.

  1. Check the status of your printer, Is it powered on and ready?
  2. Check that the connector PC is on and the ezeep Connector software is running?
  3. Check that all your hardware is connected to the network.

Test print with the Admin account, are you getting any error or problem printing directly from the ezeep account to the printer?

Is this happening to one or many users? The history tab will show if users are having the same problem, try rebooting the connector.

“I don’t see any light on the release station”

Make sure the device is plugged in. The power plug is tight and may not be seated correctly.

Access the configuration of the Release Station. Can you reach it by the IP address?

Complete a reboot of the device.

“Is not showing my personal printer on my ezeep account”

Access the admin ezeep portal and verify that the Policy is configured, under the Pull Printing tab, that the "Release by Card" has been selected.

Verify that the user is in the correct group and that group is in this policy. 

“I hear the beep of the release station but is not printing”

The administrator needs to check the status of the printer in the ezeep account, under the printer tab, and check that the printer is online and if there are any messages on the printer (like: low toner, out of paper).

Isolate and check if this problem is happening to any other users.

If it is affecting all the users, log in to the Release Station and reboot it


“I swipe the card but I never receive the paper to complete my registration”

The administrator should remove the user's email from the ezeep portal and invite them again.