The integration of Habu and ezeep is a basic and friendly process. Enabling access for your users to print on your organization’s printers and you can manage the billing service and charges through the Habu Platform.


You need two things to get started: an account with Habu and an account with ezeep.  

  1. Navigate to to register for your Habu account. 
  2. Create an account for ezeep at


Now that you have both accounts created let’s set them up. 


Techy Stuff: The service does work with an always-on PC, Windows 10 or Server 2008 r2 or higher machine that connects to our cloud through the internet. The connector app gets all of the printer information and uploads this connection to our cloud. 


The integration process is very simple, First access your Habu account and access Settings. The tabs just below Settings will have an “Integrations” option, select it.

screenshot: habu settings

screenshot: habu integrations

Select the ezeep Integration option where it says, “Connect your ezeep account”. Add your username and password for your ezeep admin account in order to authenticate your account.

screenshot: ezeep integration setup

After your account is authenticated you will see the options to configure your integration.

screenshot: ezeep integration settings

At the bottom of the integration page, you will see the Habu Print Products where you can set up the price for Color prints or Black and White prints.

screenshot: ezeep pricing in Habu

When you complete these steps on your Habu account you can access your ezeep admin account. Under the users and groups tab, you will see a new group with the name of Habu (this confirms your account is synced).

Tech Note: Habu will include it's own name for the first group. You can add more groups if you need to separate users into areas or locations. 
In the Policies, create more policies to allow certain groups to be coupled to the printers that you want them to have. 
Habu will automatically add your users to the default group so you will need to manually change the user(s) to the group that you want them to be included in.

screenshot: ezeep groups page 

Access your policies tab on the left and create a new one policy. In the User Group tab select your Habu group.

screenshot: ezeep policy configuration

In the Printer’s tab select the printer(s) that you want to share with your users. that you want to share with your users.

screenshot: ezeep policy configuration

One of the most important parts, in order to complete the configuration, is to access the Settings tab in your policy and keep this option on “free”. The ezeep service will send all printing data to your Habu account in order to manage billing and charges.

screenshot: ezeep policy configuration

If you want to watch the video for this setup, click on the following link: