Windows Print Management comes with a monitoring and notification feature for print queues and print jobs. It can be used to trigger notifications when printers are not ready to print. This printer status information is read from the printer queue which in return must be able to receive it from the printer. This is usually done via SNMP. 

Print Management is part of Windows 10. On some Microsoft Server operating systems, it is part of the Print Server feature and needs to be installed first. 


Open “Print Management” by typing it into the search box. and right click on “Custom Filter” 

Select “Add New Printer Filter” 

screenshot: add a printer filter in print management 


Enter a Name and click on Next.  

Tip: Enabling the checkbox “Display the total number of items next to the name of the filter” will be helpful when you are using the Print Management Tool frequently.

screenshot: name the printer filter 

In the field column, select the first drop-down field and select “Queue Status”, select “is not exactly ready” from the drop-down field in the Conditions column and “Ready” from the Value column. Click Next when you are done. 

screenshot: define the conditions for the printer filter 

Select the option send e-Mail notification and enter the correct information for your email server. Unfortunately, the GUI does not allow for further configuration of credentials your mail server might require. If there is no way around that from the server side, you have to use the option “Run script” and script your own notifications.

screenshot: configure notification for the printer filter