Nexudus is a great platform for a coworking space. It helps you to manage memberships, payments, events, newsletters, and lets you automate printing in your space while using ezeep. When a coworker prints from their ezeep account, it will add as a product to their Nexudus Spaces account so that it can be included on their invoice.

ezeep - giving users access to printers and organization's control over printing costs. 

Saving you money and getting work done.

Nexudus and ezeep integrate easily with a few steps of configuring. Then your users can print from any of their devices like their PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android or from Chrome/Chromebook extension. They will not have to add printer drivers to their device. Not having to figure out which driver works on what device or Operating System is partly why using ezeep is the best solution for you and your users. You can install an ezeep app or use the web client to print from anywhere, that you have internet connection, to your space’s printers. It’s easy! One less complication for you to worry about and get back to making money in your space. Nexudus will be able to track and charge for printing as you set those products up. 

You need two things to get started: an account with Nexudus and an account with ezeep. 

You must set up two products on your Nexudus Spaces account, one for black and white copies and another for color copies. You will also have to add a Printing Credit Type so that you can manage the credit you assign your users. 

Configuration in Nexudus

Step 1. Creating Products in Nexudus

  • Click Inventory > Products.
  • Click Add product.
  • Name your first printing product.

Make sure the product name is clear, for example Printing color or Printing b&w.

  • Add a description to your printing product.
  • Add the amount you want to charge your customers per page printed in the Price field.
  • If you don't want to charge your customers for printing, leave the price at 0.00.
  • Click the Save button

Repeat the same process for the second printing product.

screenshot: nexudus products

After you've configured your printing products, you will need to add a Printing Credit Type:

  • Click Inventory > Printing Credit Type.
  • Click Add printing credit type.
  • Name your printing credit.

Make sure the credit name is clear, for example Printing Credit or Credit Printing.

  • Select all the resource types available in your space.

screenshot: nexudus printing credits

Step 2. Enabling Ezeep in Nexudus

  • Log into your Nexudus portal and go to Settings > Integrations > ezeep
  • Set "Enable" to YES
  • Select the product you created from the Printing Credit Extra Service drop-down list
  • Select the product you created for color prints from the Color printing product drop-down list.
  • Select the product you created for black and white prints from the Black and white printing product drop-down list.
  • Click the Save Changes button.
  • Add your Ezeep email and password in the Username and Password fields
  • Click the Save Changes button.

Step 3. Adding Customers to Ezeep

  • If the navigation menu isn't visible, click the menu icon in the top left corner of the page.
  • Click Operations > Members and Contacts.
  • Click on a customer you want to add to Ezeep.
  • Click Account > Services.

screenshot: user page in nexudus

  • Scroll down to the Printing section and tick the Enable printing via Ezeep checkbox.

screenshot: enable ezeep for user in nexudus

  • Click the Save Changes button.

You can repeat this process for each customer you want to add to ezeep. They will appear in your ezeep account within a few minutes.

Configuration in ezeep


When you link your ezeep account to Nexudus Spaces and invite space users to use this service, a Group called "Nexudus" will be created by default, which will include the users that you've invited. You can access and view this Group in your ezeep account via the side menu: Users&Groups > Groups > Nexudus.  


User policies 

ezeep has Policies so you can set the conditions for the print jobs that are sent through the platform. In this section, we're only going to explain how to set up ezeep so that the integration works with your Nexudus Spaces account. If you would like more information about ezeep, you can visit the ezeep support section, here 

We generally only need to create two Policies on the ezeep account for the Nexudus Spaces integration: one for black and white printing and another for color printing, as shown in the following image: 

Tech note: The platform will include it's own name for the first group. You can add more groups if you need to separate users into areas or locations.

Note: Nexudus will include its own name for the first group. You can add more groups if you need to separate users into areas or locations.
Under ezeep Policies, create additional policies to allow certain groups to be coupled to the printers that you want them to use.
Nexudus will automatically add your users to the default group so you will need to manually change the user(s) to the group that you want them to be included in.

screenshot: policy page in ezeep

Creating a policy on ezeep


As we've mentioned above, we're going to create two Policies; one for color prints and another for black and white prints. We're going to call them Nexudus(Color) and Nexudus(b/w).  

To do so, go to Policies > Create your first policy.  

screenshot: create a policy in ezeep

Then, on the next screen, fill in the Name field and select the Group you want to add it to. 

screenshot: policy configuration in ezeep

In the Settings (1) tab, select Full Color (2), and set the prices. Users will Pay per page (3) but you need to leave the price as 0.00 because we have already set it in the Products section on your Nexudus Spaces account.  

screenshot: policy configuration in ezeep

Important note: Make sure that the price per page is set as 0.00 so that it works correctly. 

Lastly, choose the printer you want to apply to these Policies in the Printer tab. To complete the setup process, close the screen by clicking on the cross icon at the top right of the screen.  

screenshot: policy configuration in ezeep

You'll see that the Nexudus(color) Policy now appears in the menu. 

screenshot: policy configuration in ezeep
Lastly, you must repeat the process to create the Nexudus(b/n) policy. Follow the same steps, entering Nexudus(b/n) in the Name field and choosing Black&White for the color Setting. The remaining settings are exactly the same as the other policy

To recap, we've explained how to add Users and link them to a Group and also create Policies. Once you've configured these settings, the integration process is complete, and you can use ezeep on Nexudus Spaces.  


Printing via ezeep 

We're now going to show you how coworkers can print via ezeep and what would happen on your Nexudus Spaces account.  

  • Coworkers can print from their ezeep dashboard via the Print Now tab, by clicking and searching for the document. 

screenshot: printing from the ezeep web portal

  • It will take a few seconds for the file to upload to the server.

screenshot: printjob upload

  • Then, the coworker can select the printer and printing options he or she wants to use. The process is completed when they click on Print.

screenshot: print the document from ezeep 

  • The process will be complete in a moment. 

screenshot: printjob status

  • A confirmation message will then appear on the screen. 
  • If you go to the member's account via the Nexudus Spaces dashboard, you can see that the print job sent via ezeep has been added to the Products tab.

screenshot: user invoice in nexudus

  • This product will be added to the next invoice that is raised for the member. 

As you can see, it's easy for coworkers to print using this process. Integration with Nexudus Spaces is completely automated and will save you a lot of time as you will not have to keep track of who is printing what. 

Happy Printing!