When you want to know how often someone is printing or what printers are most often used then you can get that information from the ezeep dashboard.

The first thing to do is login with your account’s admin credentials in the ezeep portal – https://portal.ezeep.com

screenshot: ezeep Dashboard

The portal opens to the Dashboard. In the bottom right corner, you can see 4 reports that you can pull, highlighted in Yellow. The First one that shows, directly under the graph about “Your most active people printing”, is the users report. All reports download in the simple CSV (comma-separated values) file format and stores tabular data. It easily opens in other applications like Excel or Open Office or applications of the like.

Click on the Download users csv and the file will save into your download folder called csv_users.csv. Open this file by right-clicking and open with Excel or the like application.

screenshot: example user report csv


You will see the user, Display Name, how many pages they printed and then separated into how many were Color and how many were Black & White print jobs. The Policies tells you what policy the user is in and how many pages they printed through that policy. If you charge for printing through the ezeep app you will see how much that user paid for printing in any given month.


The next report will give you more information about your Printers by clicking on Download printer csv.  It saves in your download folder called csv_printers.csv. Open it with Excel and you will see a long printer ID that gives ezeep the printer’s identifiers, The Printer Name and how many pages were printed through that printer. Including how many were Color or Black & White. Useful when you are determining which printers are being used and how often.

screenshot: example printer report csv


When you want to see what groups of people are printing, select the Download groups csv. When you open the csv_group.csv file from your Download folder, you will see at least 2 groups. Groups have to be created so that you can couple the users to your printers in the Policies. The Admin has their own group because they are not constrained by the groups and policies that you put in place for your users. When you add more groups then you will see a better reporting of who may be using printers in your environment. Group ID is used for ezeep to identify that particular group on our servers, the group name is what you created and then how much they each printed.

screenshot: example group report csv


The final report is the Download full csv file. When you download and open your csv_all.csv file, you will see each print job broken down for you. This file can get quite large since it reports on each job and is not coupling anything together. Using filters to sort your data will help you immensely in this report. Each time someone prints it gives you the time stamp of the job, The Users Information, which printer the job was printed to, if it was color or Black & White, billing code, Policy name, and then three printing identifiers that are used for the ezeep servers.

The below images are the file and then cut in half and made larger for you to see better.

screenshot: example details report csv