The policies are the backbone of using ezeep. This is where you will couple the user groups to the printers. How many printers the user get access to. You get to control if they have a certain amount of free printing or get charged for every print.

There could be different costs for Black and White or Color. All of this is controlled in the policies. Most accounts have already set up these basic settings when you initially setup ezeep.  

Then there is the last tab that very few have used or set up. It is called “Pull Printing.” It allows for 2 different kinds of more secure printing. Let’s take a look.


Pull printing allows for Release by Email and Release by Card.

There are times where having your print job sitting on the printer for too long could be detrimental. You could be printing company finances or a secret company bulletin. Maybe you just don’t want the print job to walk off, accidentally, by a different user. We’ve all gotten busy after sending a print job. When you remember to go get it, you find it in the trash or sitting on the community table.

Release by Email is something that everyone can use for additional authentication by your users. Select the Release by email button. Go to your printers and you will see a new printer called “Personal Printer”. This will also be the only printer that your users will see. At the top of the printers there is a button for Personal Printing Settings, click on that. You will see that the printers now have options to set a printer ID. Give your printers an Identification number.

After the user prints, an email is sent to that user. The email contains a link. It is behind “PRINT PHOE ATT JULY 2018.PNG” in the example above.

 After the user clicks on the link, a mobile optimized website opens and shows all the jobs, that user has available for release.

The user enters the printer code, which will be communicated by the administrator, e.g. sticker on the printer.

ezeep checks that the user can print on that printer and if that is the case, the Print now button appears. By clicking on that button, the user’s job starts printing.


Now let’s configure the option for Release by Card.

This option requires additional configuration and, depending on the printer model, extra hardware.

This option is most often used with organizations that use an RFID card for things like unlocking doors or logging in to a site with that RFID card. Most RFID enabled cards would work though. If you already have a gym card that has RFID then you could use that card for authentication, if you’d like. You use the card to release print jobs when you scan the card on a ezeep release station/card reader.

Select the Release by Card button

Select the Printer tab on the left. You will see the “Personal Printer” queue and that is what your users will print to. Set your printer code and passwords, those numbers are determined by you.

You will need to configure your printer or release station with the same codes as you have established here. If you are using the ezeep release station please see our help article “Pull Printing for ezeep Admins”