There are times when you want to test if the computer is processing the job to the printer. How do you asses this process?

The first thing to do is to find your printer queues. Search for Control Panel and select Devices and Printers. You will see all your connected devices here. What we need to focus on is your “Printers” area.

screenshot: printers list in Devices and Printers

Find the printer that you want to check on and right click on it and select on “See what’s printing”

screenshot: printer menu in Devices and Printers

screenshot: a printer queue

Then click on Printer and Pause the printing. This will stop the computer from sending the print job to the printer. However, you will get to see the print job if it is processing correctly.

screenshot: pause printing of a printer

Send a print job to the printer through your application such as Windows as you normally would do.

The queue will then have the print job list there.

screenshot: print job in a paused printer queue

You can see the document and what we look for is the “Status”. If it were a large document or a document stuck it would say “processing”. In this case it is just waiting so this document doesn’t have anything in Status, it is just waiting for you to un-pause the queue.

To stop pausing the queue; select Printer and click the Pause Printing selection.

screenshot: unpause printing of a printer queue

Then you will see that the Status is “Sent to printer”

screenshot: print job processing in a printer queue

Your printer begins to print the document.



Where is your printer queue on Mac?


Open your Apple menu and go to “System Preferences”

screenshot: System Preference menu on macOS

Select on Printers & Scanners

screenshot: Printers & Scanners in System Preferences

And your printer(s) will show

screenshot: properties dialog of a printer

Select your printer in the left box and then click on “Open Print Queue”

This will show you what is about to print or stopped but is waiting to print.

screenshot: a printer queue

In this case you just have to un-Pause the queue to allow the print job to send to the printer.

You could also delete the print job by clicking on the “x”.


Happy Printing!