Great news! You have been invited to use ezeep by your organization. The password has been set and you can print using the Web Portal. That’s awesome.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just print from your Android phone or tablet? Printing straight from an application to your network printer? Oh wait, You can do this with ezeep. 


Install the ezeep Android app by downloading from the play store: 

Click on the “Install” button and “accept” that it needs access to your Photos/Media/Files and Device ID & call information.


screenshot: find the ezeep for Android application in the google play store screenshot: grant permissions for the application 


Follow the directions through the installation. Then “Open” the application.


screenshot: download the app screenshot: open the app

Click the “Login” button and enter your ezeep user ID and Password and click on the “Login” button.


screenshot: select login screenshot: enter your ezeep account credentials


Now it is time to find your document. Click on the button that says “Device” on it.

screenshot: find a document on your device to print               

Find your document and select it.

screenshot: select your document

Select the printer that you want to print to.


screenshot: select the printer you want to print to

Click on “settings” if you’d like to change them. You can pick from how many copies, how many pages, Print in color or not, paper size, etc. Then Select “Done”.


  screenshot: select settings screenshot: configure your settings for the document

You’ll be back to the screen where you can select the “Print” button.

screenshot: select the print button to print the document

The message of “High five! Your document was successfully sent to the printer”, momentarily.

Go over to the printer and get your print job.



Print in the same way from email or another document.

Open the email or document. This example is using Gmail.

Select “:” options menu where you will see “Print”

screenshot: print directly from another app using the "print" function

Select “Print with Ezeep” option

screenshot: select "print with ezeep"

Then you will see the Print Preview and a little printer Icon on the upper right hand side

screenshot: print preview and press the printer icon

Select that Icon and it will open a Window that says “ Your document may pass through one or more servers on its way to the printer.” Press OK.


screenshot: follow the "use ezeep?" prompt

The Ezeep app will open and you can select your printer

screenshot: select your printer in the app

Select any settings that you may want to change or press the “Print” button

screenshot: change the document settings

Go to the printer and pickup up the print job.


It’s that easy!


Happy Printing!!