Great news! You have been invited to use ezeep by your organization. The password has been set and you can print using the Web Portal. That’s awesome.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just print like you normally did with your Mac? Printing straight from an application to your network printer? Oh wait, You can do this with ezeep.  

Install the ezeep Mac app by downloading from here:

Or you can click on your Apps tab in your ezeep portal and selecting the “MacOS” option.

screenshot: visit the apps page to download the app

Click on the “ezeepInstaller.dmg” at the bottom of your browser. (you can find this in your Download folder, in the Finder as well)

screenshot: launch the installer after downloading

Follow the directions through the installation. You will need your administrative ID and Password for your Mac.

Double Click on the Icon in the middle of the popup screen.

screenshot: click the icon to install the app

Click “ok” to install Step 1 of 2.

You will need your administrator’s ID and PW for your Mac here and then click “ok”

screenshot: follow the prompts to enter admin credentialsscreenshot: enter admin credentials

Click “ok” to Install step 2 of 2

Then you will need to enter your administrator’s ID and PW for this “Helper tool”

screenshot: follow the prompts to enter your admin credentialsscreenshot: enter admin credentials

Sign in to the ezeep app

screenshot: sign into the ezeep app

Then the app will be running and you will know it by the Humming Bird icon on the top right of your screen.

screenshot: check that the ezeep app is running

Now Let’s get to printing in your apps.

I’m going to use a PDF. I have it open and click on Print or the Printer Icon in the app.screenshot: open a document in an application and print, selecting an [e] printer

When you see your “printer” area click on it to reveal all of your printers.

You can see that all the (e) ezeep printers are listed here.

Select the one that you would like to print to and click on the Print button.

Just like that, you are printing like you always have been but through the cloud app using ezeep.


Do you want to see the video tutorial? Navigate to: 


Happy Printing!