You have been able to print but now the printers are gone. What can you look for to get your printers back?

There are some settings that you could look at on your account. As a user, you have the choice to pick from “Favorite Printers”. When there are a lot of printers you can decide to just see a few printers by selecting to only see your favorites. The issue is if you select to only see your favorite printers but then didn’t select at least one favorite printer. It is a common occurrence and an easy mistake to make. Let’s go look at your account.

Open your user portal by navigating to 

Enter your email address and PW.

screenshot: sign in to ezeep 

Select you email address or name on the left side panel 

screenshot: favorite printers checkbox in user portal

Then uncheck “Restrict my printer lists to only show favorited printers”

Your printers should show up now.

If you are still having the issue,  contact your account administrator.

Techy Stuff: Account Administrators should check that the user is in a Group. That group should be in a Policy. That Policy should have printers selected.

After that, if you are still having issues please contact ezeep at