You are trying to find an easy way to let people print. We all just expect printing to work. It shouldn’t be this hard, right? Finding the right driver for the operating system that you or your users have? There are ones that work for windows 7 that won’t work on windows 10. Who is using Mac and what driver goes on that system? What do you mean someone wants to print from their phone or tablet? Is there a special driver or software to make this work?

There are many scenarios as to why you need people to print. They could be employees that all need to print to certain printers. There are coworking spaces that you allow your members to have access to your printers. In all cases, you want to be able to control how much they print and maybe where they print. You may also want to think about the cost of printing. What if you could find out that you are buying or leasing too many printers. No one uses the printer down the hall next to the bathrooms, but everyone uses the printers closest to the water cooler or coffee machine. The 1st floor employees don’t need access to the 4th floor printer.  That’s a waste of time. Now you can control who gets access to which printer. Could you have a budget for that department? Could members pay for their own prints? You could supplement your printing costs all together or even make money in the process. Coworking sites are always looking for another stream of income or just a really good benefit to using your site.

Congratulations, you have just found your solution with ezeep. You can follow who prints, how much they print and to which printer they print to.

ezeep gives users access to printers and organizations control over printing costs

diagram of ezeep's architecture

Let’s see how ezeep works. There are only 3 parts. The user, who is sending the print job through any of their devices. The ezeep cloud, where we couple the users and the printers together. Then, the connector, where you install the drivers, one time, on a PC and all the print jobs process to the printers.

The Connector, on the right, does exactly what it sounds like. It connects the software to the hardware.

This is the only place that a print driver has to be installed on a local machine so that the communication can take place to the printer.

This PC needs to have an internet connection so that the cloud can interact with it, and it needs to remain turned on.

The organization also installs the ezeep connector application on this local machine.  The printer information is then uploaded to the ezeep Cloud.


The ezeep cloud is where you can begin managing the Users and Printers together.

In the management portal you will see:

  1. Dashboard Info and .csv files for monitoring
  2. Users & Groups – Inviting by email address and Access Control by assigning the user to groups
  3. Printers – selecting the paper types, Color or Black and White, Duplexing and stapling options
  4. Policies – Combining the Groups to the printers and deciding on printing controls like Caps and/ or Pay Per Page Printing
  5. History – seeing that printing is happening and if it is being successful.
  6. Apps – You can get all of your device applications here

This is where you can control the access. You create a group and add users to that group. Move to Policies and you couple the printer and the group together. Along with the ability to charge for printing costs and if you like more secured printing, you can enable Pull Printing. Pull printing is the ability to either have your print jobs released by sending you an email and then deciding when it is convenient for you to walk over to the printer. The other option is to have RFID cards release a print job at the release station attached to your printer. When you need a more secure way of printing and know that you are ready to receive the print jobs then use pull printing.

You can select which groups can access your printers and how many of them by selecting them in the policies.


On the left you have the User. You can access ezeep by web portal, PC/Mac app, Chrome extension, or Android/iPhone device. You can send your print jobs from all your devices. Just install the app and print like you are used to from your computer. The mobile devices have an app to print through as well. However you work to get the information gathered together digitally then we can get that printed out for you.