Great news! You have been invited to use ezeep by your organization. The password has been set and you can print using the Web Portal. That’s awesome.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just print like you normally did with windows? Printing straight from an application to your network printer? Oh wait, You can do this with ezeep.  

Install the ezeep Windows app by downloading from here:

Click on the “ezeepSetup.exe” at the bottom of your browser.

Follow the directions through the installation. You will need your administrative ID and Password for your PC.

screenshot: install the ezeep for desktop applicationscreenshot: install the ezeep for desktop application


Enter your ezeep user ID and Password

screenshot: login to the ezeep app


The screen will change to a darker one for your protection. Windows wants your permission to install the rest of the Application

This is where it usually prompts you for your Administrator User ID and Password for your computer.

Enter the correct credentials and/or click on the YES button


Then the printer creation happens

screenshot: notification that the installation was successful


screenshot: notification of finished installation

Let’s make sure the Ezeep app is running by checking for the Origami Bird in the taskbar in the lower right-hand part of your screen.

screenshot: check to make sure that the desktop app is running


It is there so let’s move on to printing something from one of your applications like MS Word.

Open a word Document. This example is called “A Test Doc”

screenshot: open a document to print

On your document you can either press Ctrl + P or at the top click on File -> Print

screenshot: print the document using ctrl+p and select the [e] printer

When you see your “printer” area click on it to reveal all of your printers.

You can see that all the (e) ezeep printers are listed here.

Select the one that you would like to print to and click on the Print button.

Just like that, you are printing like you always have been but through the cloud app using ezeep.

Do you want to see the video tutorial? Navigate to: 

Techy Stuff: When you are looking for where the printers are in the Windows Devices and Printers and you can only see one. That is because Windows likes to “Help” you and condenses the printers together. Look for the one (e) printer listed and right click on it.

The other printers will show up under the dialogue box expansions. For example, click on the “see what is printing” and all the ezeep printers will show up.

screenshot: see your ezeep printers in the Windows control panel


Happy Printing!!